Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going To A Garden Party & Fashion Show Tickets Winner

Congratulations to Mama Violet  for winning the tickets to our fashion show!  Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

Chicago is one of the most green cities.  It is over flowing with parks and community gardens.  I like to contrast the down to earth vibe with some glamorous dressing.  Here is some outfit inspiration for your next outdoor party.

Intermission Dress- $35.99
BCBGirls 11- $39.99
Vintage Bracelets- $12.99

Peggy Davis Designs Dress- $55
Vintage Necklace- $32.99
Versace 9.5- $59.99

Trina Turk Dress- $28.99
Vintage Necklace- $28.99
Vintage Clip On Earrings- $24.99
Nine West 9.5- $28.99

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Win A Pair Of Tickets To Our Fashion Show!

We are joining up with M. Go Fashion Salon for their 4th annual Spring/Summer Fashion Show.  The show will be held on Thursday May 31 at Tantrik and starts at 7 PM.  It will be an exciting night filled with fashion, music, and food.  There will be a mix of contemporary and vintage fashion.  Drinks will be provided by EC Charro Tequila and appetizers from Tavernita.  The band Salsaconsoul will make you want to have your dancing shoes on!  It is the perfect mix of soul and funk with a touch of salsa. To share in the fun we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to win two tickets to the show.


Follow our blog and comment below telling us you do!  Contest ends at midnight Wednesday May 30.  Winner will be chosen at random and notified Thursday morning.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Polka Dots, Ruffles, & Bows

Often it's the little details that first draw us to an item.  We catch a glimpse of polka dots or notice a ruffle on a skirt.  These details enhance the femininity of the clothing.  They captivate the eye.  Here are our favorite pieces that have those special feminine touches.

Jessica Howard Polka Dot Dress-$32.99

Pink Hair Clip-$6.99

J. Crew Sandals 9-$24.99

Ya Dress-$29.99

Bow Necklace-$28.99

H&M Headband-$8.99
Leather Crossbody Bag-$21.99

Kimchi Skirt-$19.99

Anthropolgie Top-$19.99

Piano Necklace-$21.99


Preview 9-$29.99

J. Crew Blouse-$24.99

St. John Silk Scarf-$38.99

Banana Republic Skirt-$22.99

Sofft 8.5-$38.99

Follow the blog!

~Phaydra Babinchok~
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Darling Dresses

As soon as the weather warms up Chicago comes alive.  The sidewalks are bustling with people.  Restaurants are making outdoor dining available again.  People actually have smiles on their faces instead of scowls.  The warm weather also means you can wear clothes without bulky layers.  It's time to shed the bulk for colorful dresses.
Shoshanna Dress-$54.99
Black Bauble Bracelet-$9.99

Ann Taylor Dress- $38.99
Gabrielle Zwick Designs Earrings-$20
Escada Heels-$54.99 (benefits Bridge to Success)

Soprano Dress-$28.99
Barbie Shoe Necklace by Gabrielle Zwick Designs-$28

Vintage Calvin Klein Sunglasses-$64.99
Barbie Shoe Bracelet by Gabrielle Zwick Designs-$30
Vintage Sewing Machine Feet Neklace by Gabrielle Zwick Designs-$38
Prada Heels 6.5-$64.99

~Phaydra Babinchok~
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playful Accessories

When we were little girls we all loved to play.  We would play dress up, we would play house, and we would play on the playground.  Somewhere along the way of growing up we lose some of our playfullness, but why?  Reclaim your old days of dress up.  Have a little fun. Use accessories to inject a sense of play into your wardrobe.  And go visit a playground-it's the best free fun you can find.

Feather Necklace-$24.99

Shell & Pearl Necklace-$54

Owl Necklace-$59.99

Vintage Ladybug Necklace-$34.99

Crystal Teardrop Necklace-$18.99

Silver Rose Necklace-$29.99

Deer Necklace-$78.99

Gold & Black Lariat-$19.99

Spinning Gun Necklace-$42.99

Lock & Key Necklace-$68.99

Jungle Gym of Shoes

J. Crew 7.5-$34.99

Franco Sarto 7.5-$24.99

Linea Paolo 6-$32.99

Karen Millen 7.5-$68.99

Aldo 9.5-$28.99

Nine West 6-$39.99

Charles David 6.5-$84.99

Christian Louboutin 7.5-$349.99

Come in to Le Thrift to see these wonderful items.  This Saturday in celebration of our 1 year anniversary everything is 25% off!

~Phaydra Babinchok~
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