Saturday, July 25, 2009

How I became a thrifter


This is my first attempt at blogging so I am going to ramble a bit. But the truth is I am blogging for a mission. And this mission is to provide fashionable, stylish clothing to anybody on a budget.

I should probably give you a little history to the reasons that led me up to this brilliant epiphany of living a fashionable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Growing up as a kid, I had no sense of style. But, I had this mentality that I had to buy new clothing at a major retailer in order to at least have some fashion sense or at least fit in with other kids. My parents both thought this way, of course there was nothing wrong with it... buying new was something that was permeated into my brain while we blew away thousands of dollars on over trendy and cheaply made new items. As I grew into an adult, of course the same mentality followed me. I never thought about how hard my parents had worked for that money or how much we could of saved if we had been more frugal. Of course I was a kid, although I was buying new, I thought I at least looked cool in the latest Gap V-neck preppy sweater. My childhood friends can attest that I had no fashion sense whatsoever. At least I can laugh at the pictures now.

Then reality hit as a 30 something adult. After being with someone who I had shared household expenses with for nearly a decade, I found myself living on the fast track to "single mother" brokeness. I had no money to shop for myself, any extra money came first for my daughter Zoe. So I would wanefully pass by the pictures windows of gorgeous boutiques in Lincoln Park and promise myself that I would never set foot in them. It would be pure torture!

I had to also give up my business after 6 years because of being the responsible one who had to pay for benefits for my daughter Zoe and I. Finally, I landed a job! But, as I soon found out in my training in Scottsdale, AZ that I would have to look like I just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine.

I would be calling on all the top designer boutiques in my region. After all, representing Mr. Tom Ford is a serious calling for fashionistas and after dismally peering at my disfunctional wardrobe, I figured I had better come up with a quick solution.

So, I found a way to cut corners. I was an artist, I had a creative eye. I started grabbing for all the trendy fashion magazines and picking through the styles I liked. Then I would head to all the consignment and thrift stores in my area to sift through piles of clothes until I finally found the pieces that would closely resemble those gorgeous clothes so carefully handpicked by stylists on the pages of Vogue.

Soon, as I called on my clients, I noticed that I was getting compliments on the clothes I wore. After all, I found some major items, even a Todd's bag that went with everything I have. All it took was a great dry cleaner and a hem or a button replaced here or there.

Then I really started to listen... to the media about this overstayed recession, to others who had lost their jobs, to single mothers and fathers, and also to those who had overbought on their lifestyles and had to pare down to a simpler life. It made me realize there has to be a calling for a great online thrift store that sells great fashionable name brand designer pieces.

I also started to ask people their objections on thrift stores. Most of them did not want to spend the time digging through piles of unwanted, stained and often useless clothing to find that one treasure.

But, what if there was a place that ONLY offered the best of gently-used online? A place where you could rely on great condition, cleaned, sewed and hemmed, pressed and renewed clothing and accessories. Also, a site where you can find close-outs and samples from boutiques? A place where you could count on authentic items and great service?

Yes, that is when the concept of was born.

So I invite you to the site. I would love to hear your opinions, objections, compliments ( I can always take those). I am starting small, but will grow as I find more items that anyone could not pass up!

Also, check here for weekly posts. I will help you with the latest trends and ideas to navigate through the thrift store plethera of goods. I will also post items of the week that are way to good to ignore!

So shop away! I promise I won't tell it was used. Look like a million dollars and save that money for that dream house or vacation you have always wanted. Or even better yet towards a budding idea or business you always wanted to get off the ground.

See you at my site!

Christine Sanderson
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