Thursday, October 28, 2010

Low on Holiday Ensembles? Try having a Swap party!

Yes, it is that time of the year again. You're invited to all these wonderful holiday events, but you have nothing to wear. You already are living off of a tight budget and don't have that extra cash-o-la to buy a few alternatives to look your dashing throughout the season. What is a girl to do? 

The answer: Have a swap party! 

Before I begin explaining what this is, let me take you back to a time when there was another economic recession in the 90's. This time I was a teenager and dependent on the bank account of my parents. With my parents both hard workers, they still could not avoid the economic ripple that everyone was feeling. To my dismay, this meant that it left little alternative to going to the nearest department store to buy a dress for the dance I was asked to. The alternative, borrow my friends. Yes, we swapped dresses that we had worn to previous dances... and NO ONE knew! We managed to look cute without breaking our parent's budgets.

Now on to the current day scenario. As an adult, I see many people making their way out of the difficult economic recession. With the holiday season looming, I hear many of my friends wondering how they are going to find outfits with their limited bank accounts. Here is the answer.

Invite your nearest and dearest over to your place that are closest in size to you. Tell them to bring a few of their dresses and accessories they have tired of.  Offer a few great bottles of inexpensive wine, the TV on with the season finale of Mad Men or your trashy reality show of choice with some finger food, then swap away! Not only will you get time with your posse, but you will all of the sudden have new alternatives to wear at your next event. Just make sure to be a good friend and dry clean and RETURN the items after the holiday season is over. All of a sudden you save money and have a new look for everyone to admire. Just make sure you keep it your little secret.

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