Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Moment In Time

Now after spending Valentine's Day with my love, I started to think about romance, the meaning of it all and what it meant to our ancestors years ago. How have times changed? How do we share romantic gestures? 
A very cute vintage Valentine's Day card from the 1930's.

As Steve and Johnnie from Life After Dark, a WGN AM radio talk show guest commented, there has been a communication breakdown with our loved ones in the past years due to technology (my boyfriend has AM radio on all the time in the house.. on a transistor radio). That over 70% of Americans text each other "I love you" rather than saying it directly to one another. This as a result has changed the effect of those three words. Do we now take it granted from our significant others? Has our idea of romanced changed? Or is it rather the way we communicate to one another is all together different?

This also translates into our culture and even the way our goods are produced these days. Larger manufacturers, cheaper materials in our housing, processed fast food and the urgency to have material goods right away. In a fast paced nation of "we want it right now and for a cheaper price," some of the romance of the way things are made has diminished.

 Vintage Bag Advertisements

A few weeks ago, a wonderful woman from Elgin, IL decided to consign some of her mother's gorgeous vintage purses from the 1920's and 30's. When I saw them, I literally fell in love. After doing a little research on each bag, it was hard to imagine these things were hand made. Each precious thread and bead so carefully crafted to create these romantic little purses. 

A purse factory in the 1930's.

I tried to even imagine an artistan in Paris or Austria sitting there day in and day out arduously giving their talents into these little treasures. Something that was expected at this time, but such a rarity in today's standards. There was some romance and mystery to this. Did this person have a special Valentine or romance waiting for them at the end of their tiresome and long day?
Did the woman who bought these purses wear them for special occasions or with her favorite date?

These thoughts made me remember that showing your love, whether it is a labor of love or the love of my life, that I should take the time to tell them that I love them to their face or dedicate more time to the things I love creating. With that said, the next time I am writing a love letter to my Valentine, hopefully he will gladly remember that moment in time.

Here are the gorgeous little treasures I am now consigning at LeThrift.com

 Vintage Micro Petit Point Purse 
Austrian, circa 1930's

Vintage Enameled Mesh Purse  - Art Deco 
German, circa 1930's

Vintage French Hand Beaded Handbag 
French, circa 1920's

Vintage Whiting and Davis Gold Mesh Hand Bag
American, circa 1930's

 What do you think? Do you adore these purses as much as I do? I would love to hear your feedback.


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