Friday, October 7, 2011

The Perfect Handbag

Any fashionista could tell you that the perfect handbag is a key piece in every gal's wardrobe.  A great bag should be thought of as an investment in your style- a staple piece that will define your look for decades to come.  But what about us thriftonistas?  Most of us don't have hundreds of dollars handy to invest on amazing designer bags.  What we can do is spend a much smaller amount of our hard earned dollars on an equally amazing handbag from Le Thrift.  

Whether you are a label-lover, or a seeker of all things vintage, has an amazing collection of gently used bags.  Looking for Kate Spade, Coach, or Dooney & Bourke?  Le Thrift has tons of designer treasures.  It can be our little secret that you paid a fraction of the retail price.  It's okay to spoil yourself sometimes thriftonistas, you deserve it!

-Lauren Berger

Coach $104.99

Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue $22.50

Dooney and Bourke $89.99

Botkier $189.99

Vintage Fendi $89.99

Kate Spade $64.99

Coach $28.99

Coach $78.99


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