Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What A Waste: people who throw stuff and dogs away!

We live for recycled fashion, but we also love to hear stories about animals who have a second chance in life.

Max A Pooch is one of LeThrift’s favorite canines.  As you read this blog written by Max A Pooch you will understand why this dog who was discarded, recycled and repurposed wins the hearts of all of us at Le Thrift Consignment.

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By Max A Pooch Crusader for 
Animals and the Environment 

Humans confuse me. They are always looking for complex solutions and disregard the easy ones. Here is an example. Humans pour billions of dollars into researching solutions to solve all sorts  of environmental problems.  Meanwhile, many perhaps most of them won’t do something as simple as bending over to pick up a piece of litter they see.

So what’s the big deal? Litter particularly plastic litter is more than an eyesore. Plastic litter gets into our waterways and eventually into the ocean. There are hundreds of square miles of ocean that are literally plastic soup caused by plastic bottles and other litter breaking into smaller and smaller pieces.


As the pieces become smaller more and more fish, birds and other animals eat the plastic mistaking them for food. The plastic fills their bellies but does nothing to nourish them and the animals die of starvation. The particles eventually become as small, or smaller than grains of sand and will end up in the food chain and as plastic sand blowing on the beaches, breath that if you will humans, personally I don’t want to.

Now human scientists have found plastic soup is 3 times as dense in parts of the Great Lakes than anything found in the Oceans. Drink that if you want humans! I don’t want to.

As A Pooch I can see that some of the easiest ways we can all protect the environment each day is to recycle, pick up litter if we see it, and reuse/repurpose. So humans let’s get with the program. Check with your local recycling organization and learn what is recyclable in your area and make sure you put the material in a recycling bin. When you see a piece of litter, particularly if it is plastic, pick it up and put it in a trash or recycling container.
Instead of throwing something out that is in good condition donate it it to a charity such as the Salvation Army, or Purple Heart. Or, consign it to a consignment store where your trash will be someone’s treasure and not end up in the garbage store. If you are looking for a dog to add to your family, check out your local shelter or rescue organization. There are lots of great dogs there waiting to be adopted. I know, I am a rescue dog from an animal shelter. That’s why I believe in recycling and repurposing everything from bottles to dogs.  Petfinders dot com is a great way to find local organizations and the dogs they have available.

You can do one more thing! Help me Max A Pooch raise awareness of the more than 5500 dogs that are euthanized each day, and of the terrible environmental havoc  plastic litter is creating. You can vote for Max A Pooch at the American Humane Association annual Hero Dog Awards. (link to come)

Video:  Max A Pooch says America reduce your WASTE line, see positive proof that reducing litter is so easy even a pooch can do it.


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