Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the Bold

Modern society has changed quite a bit. We have integrated the assistance of professionals and specialists like personal trainers, hair salons and dog walkers to help keep order in our lives. We can even have our groceries delivered to our home if it means saving time and effort!

Wellness has also become a priority. Part of taking care of yourself includes developing a more positive self-esteem and healthy body image. This can range from your health to how confident you feel in clothes.

Fashion is fun, exciting and ever-changing. But it can also be overwhelming, intimidating and time-consuming. The way you dress is a big part of communicating who you are to the world. Hiring a Le Thrift Stylist may save you time and money in this area of your life. Think of it as hiring a personal trainer for your closet getting rid of the old, and bringing in the bold new you!

Wardrobe Editing & Closet Organization Services

The Le Thrift Stylist will sort through your closet and help you answer the ever-so-confusing questions of what clothing and accessories to keep, what to toss, and what to salvage/repair. He will also determine what items are needed to make a more complete wardrobe and how to put it all together.
Identifying what items to part with leads to other questions of what to sell, what to consign, what to donate to charity and what to trash. A great way to get some money back on that piece is to consign it. If you choose to consign with Le Thrift Consignment Boutique, our Stylist will take the rejected closet items back to our boutique, inventory them and send you a check at the end of the quarter for the items that sell. This is an easy way to earn money to buy new pieces needed to complete your closet!

Organization is key with your wardrobe. Every good wardrobe should have classic pieces mixed in with trendy items. Closet organization opens up room in your closet to access the pieces you want to wear or to replace with new items. Our Stylist will come in and organize your closet so that dressing everyday with be done with ease.

Image Consultant Services

Image Consulting comes in the forms of personal shopping and wardrobe stylist services. There are several factors our Stylist will consider in determining your most flattering looks whether it's in general or for a specific event:
  • Body type
  • Style sensibility
  • Designers
  • Fit
  • Budget
  • Accessories
  • Age appropriateness
  • Trends
Our Stylist saves you time and effort navigating through the staples, trends and classics you currently have in your closet. Refreshing your clothes into flattering looks allows you to look and feel your best each day that you step out into the world.

Shopping for pieces that flatter your figure are also key with building a great wardrobe. Our Stylist will go shopping with you and recommend clothing that is not only flattering but also within your budget. He will help you pick key staples and also be on trend. Our Stylist will guide you to which trends to purchase and which ones to pass. A few hours invested in shopping with our Stylist will reward you with a more put-together look that will enhance your confidence, whether in the workplace or at your next big event.

Preparing for your next big life experience? Presenting to a crowd of people? Taking headshots for a big career move? Our Stylist can give you tips on what is flattering, within budget and appropriate for that occasion. When you show up to that important event, you will be full of confidence and comfortable in what you wear.
About Thomas Vaughan, Le Thrift Stylist

Le Thrift Stylist Thomas Vaughan was born in Arkansas and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater with a Minor in Art at the University of Central Arkansas.

Thomas moved to Chicago in 2011 and pursued a career as a fashion stylist, currently working on many projects including working with Christine Sanderson of Le Thrift Consignment Boutique.

Fashion isn't necessarily about the latest trend or the newest look. Fashion is about making a woman look and feel like the best version of herself. This young, energetic Stylist is ready to take your wardrobe to the next level!

Whether it is a closet overhaul or your first time on TV, the Le Thrift Stylist will make sure you have the look to make you feel your best. Email us at info@lethrift.com to set up an appointment with our Stylist. 



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