Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fashion Focus: Ann Everett

I had the opportunity to spend time with Chicago fashion designer Ann Everett. One of the newest residents to the West Town neighborhood in Chicago, Ann is opening her first brick-and-mortar boutique at 1841 W. Chicago Avenue on Friday, March 13th.

Ann hails originally from Ireland and resided in several different cities over the years. She settled with her family in Chicago in 2003 and began building a base of regular clients over the past three years at Chicago's popular Randolph Street Market. She plans to maintain her mobile location at the street market while her boutique is open on the weekends and by appointment.

Ann is quite a unique soul, wearing her fashion heart on her sleeve and you see it in her collection. What I love about Ann's designs is that every piece is one of a kind. This is because she uses the highest quality of vintage textiles and materials for each clothing item and bag.

Pieces may be made to order if the textile availability allows. Items may also be made with alternative fabrics as well. Another unique aspect of her designs is that they come in only one size. Each piece is designed in comfortable, free shapes and fabrics draping to accommodate women's different shapes and sizes.

We discussed her inspirations, her design aesthetic, her journey in fashion thus far and what she would love to see develop in the coming years.

The photographs and antique furniture in Ann's boutique are also for available for purchase. Photographs are the work of Janet Mesic Mackie. Antique furniture is available at Bleeker Street Antiques operated by Denise Odell. The antique furnishings are unique pieces from France, England, South America and Asia.

For more information, visit Ann Everett's website and Facebook page.

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