Monday, October 26, 2015

Designer Confidential: Chicago's Own Mashallah Ghouleh

This past summer I attended the Randolph Street Market with my daughter Zoe, we by fate
The Designer Mashallah Ghouleh
stopped at Mashallah Ghouleh's booth. It was easy to stop, as we were immediately drawn in by her alluring jewelry collection.

Mashallah's jewelry has a very natural but edgy influence to it. It was not only a jewelry line that I immediately wanted to open my wallet to, but also a line that I wanted in the store. Her refined and clean designs, mixed with natural and recycled materials makes her collection modern and very of the moment.

I wanted to interview Mashallah and let all our customers know a little bit more about this designer. Stop by to see it as it would make the perfect holiday gift this season or the finishing accessory for your outfit without breaking the budget.

LTC: How did you start designing jewelry? How long ago?

MG: It all started 4 years ago from a girls night that I had planned at my home. It was a wine, cheese and jewelry making kind of night: to make things more interesting. It was a super fun night and many of us were creating interesting things until the wee hours of the morning.

Gorgeous quartz earrings
LTC: What inspired you to create your latest jewelry line?

MG: Simplicity, sustainability, and the metaphysical properties found in gemstones.

LTC: What is your favorite fall trend this year?

MG: I was so happy to see the statement white blouse on many runways. For it is one of my wardrobe staples.

LTC: What designers are you inspired by? Any favorite jewelry designers?

MG: I am a lover of literally ALL things from food to fashion and nature to architecture. When I am seeking inspiration for upcoming seasons I refer to my memory bank to help guide me in fusing all elements. Once I have a vision of what I want to create that I know my supporters will love I start a mood board to narrow down and focus on what I feel would be received best.

LTC: On your web site you say you travel to get inspiration for your jewelry line. What

has been your favorite place to travel and the inspiration that has come from it?

MG: With no hesitation that place will always be Paris. Experiencing many designers from all mediums create without regard to playing it safe has allowed me to find strength in my unique design abilities. Primarily making me aware that it is okay to take chances. After all, there is always next season!

LTC: What do you see in the future for Mashallah jewelry?

MG: With my sole dedication to the success of MASHALLAH it is my mission to make my accessories attainable and recognizable worldwide. 

For more information on Mashallah and her jewelry line visit



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