Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Consignment Now Made Easier

BIG NEWS for our consignors here at Le Thrift Consignment! We are now offering a complimentary courier service through Postmates, to pick up your designer goods from your home or office. 

In true Le Thrift fashion, we are consistently striving to offer you the best in service and making the consignment process even easier than before.

Consignors can now:
  • Email us for pre-approval of list of items to be consigned
  • Pack approved items in a box
  • Contact us for our courier service to pick up at your convenience

Do you prefer White Glove Service? A Le Thrift Ambassador can visit your home or office; go through your items, inventory them and bring goods back to our headquarters to sell. At the end of each quarter, give us a call and we can instantly send you an e-check or stop by the store anytime to pick up a check.

Have an estate of clothes and accessories to clear out?  The pros at Le Thrift Consignment offer services to help organize, estimate the value, and decide what to sell and what to donate. We will remove and organize the items in the estate we think that have value and the other portion Le Thrift Consignment will donate. In return your estate will get a tax receipt to write off the items that are donated.

Contact us today at info@lethrift.com to get started. Below are some examples of designer items we have recently consigned. 

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