Thursday, September 15, 2016

Calling all Creative, Kick-Ass Vendors to Sell at Our Boutique

Le Thrift Consignment is looking for lovely ladies or gents who have kick-ass gift products that they would like to consign with us during the holiday season.

We have noticed a spike in sales of gift items at our retail location, hence wanting to give our clients more options. We would also like to feature these products online at our e-commerce site.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for items fashion, beauty, home decor related. Items that are handmade or original. They cannot conflict with the vendors that already sell with us.

Chicago Candle Factory's amazing candles
What have we sold in the past that has done well?

We have had success stories with Chicago Candle Factory, Mashallah Jewelry, Mercury Sunglasses and Balmies Lip Balm.

How does consignment work? 
You bring us the goods, we sell them for you. You will receive a handy portal that tracks your product and sales so you know your balance. We pay you out monthly.

Mashallah Chicago bracelets
What do we expect from our vendors? 
If you are a cosmetic or beauty line, we need samples for our customers to try the product. We also need branded displays that tell our customers who you are. If product gets low or stale, we expect you to refresh the inventory monthly.

Be realistic with your pricing. If the product is priced to high, it's not going to move. Also, remember that consignment means that we take a cut of the sales. We are offering our vendors 60% of sale with this promotion.

Mercury Sunglasses vintage style
Along with selling at our boutique and online, you will have a feature on our blog about your product.

How do I submit my product?
Email Christine at with links or photos of your product, price point and information about you and your brand. 

Don't take it personally
If you submit, and we decide that your product is not a good fit, there may be a million reasons why. You might have the best product ever... but it may not be a good fit for our customer or niche. 

That's it for now!

-Owner of Le Thrift Consignment


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