Monday, October 12, 2009

How the Recession Has Taught Us Some Valuable Lessons

Often, we look at recessions as a time of struggle and loss. In the past two years I have seen depressing and fearful moments, but also surprisingly positive things as a result of this recession. Sure, people are still losing their homes, retirement and jobs. I am one of those in the 10% who lost their job, out of the lack of people who could afford the products I was selling. I am not undermining the fact that our country has dealt with great loss. But, I think this recession has ta
ught a lot of people valuable lessons that hopefully this generation and others can carry away with them throughout life. With appreciating the most important things in life family, friends, health and the opportunity to love.

I have seen families and friends who used to dine out a lot, become healthier and more "green" just by being forced to cook at home and pay more attention to what they eat. They are growing gardens and producing organic vegatables from their yard that a few years ago was lucky enough to keep a few shrubs and a patch a grass alive. I have seen more families and friends having "Blockbuster Nights", "Staycations," and hosting gatherings at their homes all in attempt to save money... but also has resulted in rediscovering or creating relationships on a deeper level and spending more personal time together. In the city I see a trend to visit the great little family BYOB restaurants that can often compete with the more premier restaurants in the city, but offer their cuisine at a fraction of the cost. BYOB? Sure I will bring the wine or beer as long as they keep offering great cuisine.

I think that this recession has made us realize that our family and friends are here for us. If we lose our home, there is a family member who loves us enough to take us in. If we lose our job, there is a friend who can help us find another one. If we have a bad day... then there is our loved ones that we have a shoulder to lean on. It has also taught us to live with less material possessions, but gain far more important things such as nurtured relationships with friends, loved ones and family.

But, as we have become a nation that is thriftier, we are also understanding the importance of each dollar spent. This as a result, has made us more conscious consumers, so that hopefully we do not have to repeat this lesson for a very long time to come.

Either way, it has forced us to realize what is truly the most important in life.

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