Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Thrift Store Shopping is Like Dating

Yes, I said dating...

 Ahhh the wonderful world of dating. It gives you the ability to try on several relationships until you get the right fit. You date the bad boy, the geek, the jock, the intellectual and the artist. You meet someone, date them casually, and then find out Mr. Right is oops... oh so WRONG. Hopefully, you go through many journeys during your adult life until finally there is a right fit. You know... the one and only? The big soul mate or partner that makes your heart swell up at the sight of her or him. The tingly sensation that you  know this is "the one."

This in itself is like the wonderful world of thrifting. Because you are not tied down to overpriced garments, it allows you to experiment. To try things on... whether they are the right fit for you or not. To take that chance and not be married to a sweater that you bought for way to much money, but feel you have to wear because you just took a look at your Mastercard bill and OUCH! This is a chance to be experimental, to try on a look or a style and simply be able to take the risk of trying something new. It is like a liberation of your closet and you are in the forefront like a soldier marching into the wonderful world of experimentation and the unknown.

You are ready to try those styles and trends you see in Vogue or InStyle without a care in the world. You are seeking the right fit with your style and your not afraid to explore the unknown. Be the bohemian, the intellect, the punker or the glamonista. Go ahead liberate yourself from the locks of chain store mass produced  style. I am not saying don't shop those stores as well. But, when you are looking for a new look, or see a really cool style in one of the trendy magazines but are not sure it is the right fit for you. Date it, or try it on with little or no risk. You are more apt to find inventions of style that you never thought you could do before.

And what is even better? That you are not stuck with it, like a bad date, when you are done with it you never really have to see it again. You can part with it. The reason.. hey... it only cost me five dollars. I am soooooo over my old look, on to the new one. Maybe this will be a new look for me that would be the next greatest fit. The best part is there is no relationship guilt with the item at the end. See you later cowlneck sweater... ha ha.... I never spent more that $20 on you and now I am moving on to V-necks and scarves!

No matter what it is in life.... dating, thrifting or trying something new. Give yourself options. Plenty of options. Until you find the right fit. You will finds worlds of happiness with discovering the unknown. Happy Thrifting!

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