Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I have learned so far...

Living in the city. It offers a sense of excitement each day as I pass through the many amazing neighborhoods going about my business. I enjoy the varied ethnicities and walks of life that I meet. It gives life a sense of purpose to me that everyone is not alike and that the world is such a colorful and beautiful place. The downside of course, is the cost of living in the city. Here in Chicago as a single mother my pocketbook is constantly tried as I shop for everyday necessities.

That is the main purpose why I started Le Thrift. It has been six months since I opened my online consignment and resale business, Le Thrift, and it has truly been an enlightening experience. Forever obsessed with fashion since my early adulthood when I encountered Gianni Versace at Club Hollywood in Milan (during Milan Fashion Week in the 90’s), I have now found myself immersed in a business that truly makes me happy. Now I can offer fashion to everyone on any budget. A friend of mine once said that “fashion is not about price or brand, but truly an art and a way to express creativity.”

Le Thrift is growing, like a tiny seedling that needs lots of care and sunlight. In a tough economy many might have thrown in the towel, but I see potential in all of this. I hear compliments from my customers who are happy with the condition and price of the clothing, the consignors who receive a check when their item sells, and the fact that a huge part of my business is green.

Of course I have my audience of doubters as well, that question the purchasing of resale clothing when they can go buy it for new and cheap at Old Navy and or The Limited. But in refuse, I am not expecting those customers to shop at my store or win them over.

The customers that shop at my store are accustomed to shopping resale understanding the savings they experience for a better price or quality piece of clothing. For those shopping on a budget it pays to buy resale.

It is also no surprise to me that most of my customers are from the East Coast. Shoppers there have long understood the idea of resale shopping a good value. As usual the East Coast is ahead of the Midwest on this trend, but slowly there is a shift in shopper’s buying habits as the economy has fallen. Hopefully, this will make all of us more conscientious shoppers in the future.

Along the six months of learning and stumbling about with my business I have met amazing people in the fashion industry who have inspired me to continue on to success. I never imagined such kindness from people that I had once perceived as such a competitive type of business.

As I grow, Le Thrift will constantly change and mold into something bigger, I am always looking for new trends, improvement and inspiration from others. But, oh has this been the most amazing journey so far. I look forward to what the next six months will bring!


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