Monday, September 27, 2010

Le Thrift Turns One! has been around for exactly one year. And within that year, I have learned so much about this business. It is my fledgling that I have nurtured and watched grown into a business that I see potential in to grow to the next level.

I have surrounded myself with veterans of the fashion industry, those have tons of expertise about online businesses, computer programers and .com entrepreneurs, fashion retailers to learn everything I possibly can about having an online consignment business. To sum it up, to be an original idea... not a copycat, and not be afraid of what others might think. To admire those who have had successes and use them as inspiration to create my own. To forge ahead as so many others young budding entrepeneurs before me in this great country who worked to make their idea a reality.

So far this has been a year of learning. A year of building a dream. And I feel more fulfilled now more than I every did with my career path before.

This blog will soon be changing. As I acquire more great product and knowledge of saving money for a fashionable lifestyle, the posts will be left here. I will attempt to dedicate myself to this blog on an everyday occurrence to share and appreciate the love of fashion!

My press release for my One Year Anniversary is below.

Christine Sanderson


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